Poker players always debate whether it is best to play at a big poker room or small poker room. Pros and cons discussed here.


Poker Rooms

Making a decision about where to play is hard enough if you just want to play poker.
When you add in all these other options, it can get downright confusing.

So, the question is, what online casino deserves your business? The answer: Go big! If you want to be able to play many different casino games, and you don't want the hassle of moving money across every internet bank, check out some of these reasons to not go with a ma and pop operation:

1. The bigger the room the safer. Sure, maybe that tiny room is offering some huge poker bonus, or maybe it's the first room you've ever played at and you've gotten used to it. But what happens six months down the line? Is your poker money being held in a segregated account? Is the rake fair? Do you know if there's any collusion in the games?

2. Want a big poker sign-up bonus? How about some slots freeplay? Bigger rooms have more bonuses more often. Not to mention huge bad beat jackpots and progressive jackpots. Isn't it better to give your business to a site that will give you a bit extra, regardless of whether you want to play bingo, or casino slots?

3. Of course, you're playing to win, who isn't? But, what's more fun, playing with the same six guys everyday, or playing with a multinational crowd? Whether it's a German winning a top dollar poker tournament, or a Frenchman who can't be stopped at the roulette wheel (casino en ligne is a rapidly growing market), the more the merrier.

4. Generally, the bigger the room, the better the rewards. Want a site that has great freerolls? How about some awesome player rewards? Or just top notch poker room customer service? The big boys have the money to get it done.


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