The game of bingo goes as far back to 1530 when a state lottery called Lu Giuco de Lotto was played.

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The game of bingo goes as far back to 1530 when a state lottery called Lu Giuco de Lotto was played. Italians traditionally still play it on Saturdays. "Le Lotto" was played in France in the 1700's but was more similar to the game of Bingo as we know it today...

Much later - In 1929 to be exact - there was a popular game played at a fair in Atlanta, Georgia which was known as "Beano". This was played with a rubber number, some cardboard and dried beans. A Salesman from New York by the name of Edwin Lowe watched avidly as he noticed that the players shouted "Beano" whenever they won, so he introduced it to his friends back in New York. One day while they were playing "Beano " one of his friends shouted out "Bingo" by mistake and the rest of the story is history.

Bingo Terms

For those of you who are new to bingo, here are some of the most common terms you need to know and some basic rules:

Blackout/Coverall - This is when all of the numbers on the Bingo card are covered.

Caller - In Online Bingo - this is the person who is voice that calls the numbers - also known as the Bingo Caller.

Chat room - Most Online Bingo Halls have a chat room which you can chat to other Bingo players online. The moderator in the chat room is known as the CM (Chat Master)

Free space - The Free space is the square in the middle of the Bingo card which is already filled in.

Jackpot - This is when you manage to get a winning combination within a specific number of balls called.

Pattern - This term merely refers to the pattern that is currently being played - eg a coverall, line etc.


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